Complaint Resolution Procedure for Goods/Products

Definition of a complaint

Any negative communication involving goods/products that require an investigation and formal response. Complaints may be made by letter or e-mail or text.


If you are unhappy with the goods/products you have received from Neo-Derm, we would like to know about it as soon as possible so we can investigate your concerns and explain, apologise and take positive action where necessary. In most circumstances, if you tell us about your concern quickly, we can resolve matters straight away. To let us know about something with which you are unhappy please speak with our clinic manager in the first instance.

If you are not fully satisfied you can put your concerns in writing and use our formal Complaint Resolution Procedure for products.

The Complaint Resolution Procedure has 2 stages:

Stage 1: 

Local resolution within the individual practice

Stage 2:

Escalation to third party external independent bodies. 

Stage 1

To start the formal Complaint Resolution Procedure you should write to:

Ven Grecu
Clinic Manager
Neo-Derm Ltd
407 Bury New Raod
M25 1AA

You should state what has caused you to have concerns and make your points clear. Please document when the relevant events took place and what results you expect from your complaint.

Complaints should normally be made as soon as possible at Stage 1, within 6 months of the date you received your products.

The named person will send you an acknowledgement of your letter within three working days of receipt of the complaint. You will be offered a meeting to discuss your complaint and to agree to the point of the complaint.

The investigation of your complaint will involve reviewing records of meeting(s) with you and reviewing all the correspondence including cctv from deposit, the Pharmacy, Royal Mail and all parties involved.

A full response to your complaint will be made within 20 days of receipt of the complaint. If the investigation is still in progress after 20 days a letter will be sent to you explaining the delay and a full response made within five days of reaching a conclusion. In any event, a holding letter will be sent every 20 days where an investigation is continuing.

If you remain dissatisfied following the final Stage 1 response, then you can request a review of your complaint, known as Stage 2 by contacting Citizens Advice consumer service.

Option 1: Citizens Advice Consumer service will allow you to fill out an online form report, they will then pass the report on to the Trading Standards, you should receive a response within 5 working days.

Trading Standards will use the information you give to decide if they’ll investigate. They’ll only contact you if they need more information.

Even if Trading Standards don't contact you, they might use your evidence to take action against the business in the future. For example, if other people make complaints about the same business.

Option 2: Citizens advice may recommend an alternative dispute resolution, for example the Ombudsman service. 

Additional information about Trading Standards and Citizens advice can be found at:

Additional Information about Ombudsman service can be found at:

Unacceptable behaviour by complainants

At each stage of the complaints procedure, it might be deemed that a customer’s behaviour is unacceptable. We do not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards our staff members and we have a policy in place to handle unacceptable behaviour of complainants.