RejudiCare Retinol SRX Mild

RejudiCare Retinol SRX Mild 30ml Gel

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Light and comfortable night gel with a concentration of retinol 0.15% is the best product for those who start using retinol for the first time in their care, as well as those with sensitive skin.

 The result is skin rejuvenation without the irritation associated with many retinol products.

Benefits of RejudiCare Retinol SRZ Mild:

  • the severity of wrinkles decreases;
  • the relief of the skin is leveled, its texture improves;
  • the skin acquires a healthy radiant color;
  • evens out the tone of the face;
  • the skin receives powerful antioxidant protection;
  • the processes of natural cell renewal, the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid are activated.