RejudiCare Retinol SRX

RejudiCare Retinol SRX 30ml Gel

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Retinol is the gold standard in anti-age care, and Retinol SRX Night Cream contains three different forms of retinol for dramatic, long-lasting skin rejuvenation.
This combination of components allows for a gradual release of retinol, without skin irritation.
The concentration of retinol is 0.35%, which is optimal for those who have normal skin.
  • Prolong youthfulness of the skin;
  • Reduce the number of wrinkles;
  • Provide conditions for natural skin renewal;
  • Protects skin cells from free radicals;
  • Improve and even out skin tone;
  • Delay the appearance of signs of skin aging as much as possible.

Size: 30ml