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Dr LEVY Decolletage Regenerating Silk

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The décolletage area is the first to show the signs of premature photo-ageing, caused by UV-light DNA damage on this, particularly fragile skin.

Dr LEVY Decolletage Regenerating Silk Benefits are

  • Powerful anti-ageing cream for the delicate décolletage area
  • Stimulates cells to repair and protect
  • Firms and smoothes the skin 

Combined with Dr Levys patented ArganCellActivÒ Youth Re-Activating formula, the world’s first proven to stimulate dermal stem cells, the Décolletage Regenerating Silk includes the exclusive StressCellRepairTM, which helps

Repair UV-induced DNA damage and protect from excessive environmental and oxidative stress.

Its key endonuclease DNA-repair technology was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize of Chemistry.