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  • Description

    Cyspera® is the first stabilized cysteamine product and free of hydroquinone to improve the appearance of stubborn discoloration.

    • Significant improvement in the appearance of brown patches and dark spots
    • Powerful antioxidant activity
    • Safe for long-term use
    • Hydroquinone-free, non-photosensitive
    • Designed for all skin types and colours

  • How to Use

    • Step 1
    Apply a thin layer (of mask) to clean dry skin daily, either morning or night.

    • Step 2
    Leave on for 15 minutes.

    • Step 3
    Thoroughly wash off product with a mild cleanser then follow with moisturizer to help mitigate the slight Cysteamine scent. If using during the day, follow with SPF 30+.

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