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Cyspera treats all types of pigmentation including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation. It has even been shown to treat darker body areas like underarms, knees, elbows, etc.

Cyspera Pigmentation Corrector is suitable for darker skin types. Although all skin types can use Cyspera, darker Fitzpatrick skin has historically been the hardest to treat. 

Please check out the information on how to use Cyspera Intensive Pigmentation Corrector below. 

As everyone's skin is different, results are not guaranteed.


Ideal For - All skin types, all skin tones, body areas

Size - 1.75 oz

    How to Use:

    Intensive phase: Once per day, every day, for 16 weeks.

    Maintenance phase: Once per day, twice-weekly.

    Apply once a day to face, neck and décolleté or other treated areas. Do not wash the skin before application. If necessary to wash, wait for 1 hour before application. Can apply in the morning before washing your skin, or in the evening over makeup.

    Apply a thin layer on the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. A warming sensation may occur and last up to 30 minutes.

    Remove after exactly 15 minutes by washing off with a gentle cleanser. Gently pat the area dry.

    After application, moisturize the skin with a moisturizer or hydration. Do not use irritating skincare products like acids or tretinoin immediately after application.

    For optimal results, daily use of broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF30 or higher is highly recommended.