Dr Levy SkinDeep Cure

Dr LEVY - SkinDeep Cure with MicroSkin Roller

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This home cure gives you a full Intense Stem Cell experience, lasting up to 4 weeks to stepchange your skin's health from within.

Built to powerboost the effectiveness of Dr. Levy's award-winning stem cell formula, this advanced cosmeceutical set combines the brand's painless 540 titanium microneedling roller, with the most concentrated of the Intense Stem Cell products.  

  • Effectively exfoliates dead skin cells and trapped toxins
  • Improves penetration of active ingredients 
  • Supports skin's natural rejuvenation and renewal
  • Helps reduce skin blemishes and enlarged pores
  • Provides a clearer, brighter and fresher complexion
  • Allows more than 15 applications with proper care

Immediately soften complexion and gently purify skin.

Worth up to 4 weeks of use, is feather-light in texture but nourishes the skin from within. Its ultra-concentrated blend of vitamins (A, C, E, Niacinamide), peptides and Hyaluronic acid helps durably replenish the skin.

Worth up to 2 weeks of use, is a deeply-nourishing and non-greasy moisturiser. Ultra-concentrated in our patented stem cell formula, it is enriched in shea butter and natural fatty acids to give the skin the hydration it needs.

A ground-breaking , unique skincare finisher to use right before makeup, proven clinically to lower pollution damages by up to -86% in a few hours. Its silky-soft texture leaves an invisible barrier that gives the skin a velvety, flawless complexion.