Dr LEVY 3Deep Cleanser Fast Mask

Dr LEVY 3Deep Cleanser Fast Mask

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Dr. LEVY Switzerland’s innovative, multi-action 3 Deep Cell Renewal Micro-Resurfacing Cleanser, provides gentle cleansing, intensive micro-resurfacing and acts as a skin-renewing ‘Fast-Mask’ to ‘re-boot’ lacklustre complexions.

Designed for the busy city dweller, it can be used for gentle cleansing, intensive micro-resurfacing or as a skin-renewing ‘Fast-Mask®’ to re-boot lacklustre complexions.

It combines gently-polishing organic rice extracts with high concentrations of glycolic and lactic acids that dissolve dead cells and kick-start healthy cell renewal. Your skin looks instantly refined, brighter and plumper, leaving you with that enviable, fresh-faced radiance.

This instantly refines and brightens while kick-starting renewal to promote that enviable, fresh-faced radiance.

Key Benefits 

  • Refines and brightens
  • Improves radiance
  • Keeps the skin hydrated and plump

Size: 150ml