Hollywood eye magic
Hollywood eye magic
Hollywood eye magic 15ml
Hollywood eye magic 15ml
Hollywood eye magic 15ml

Hollywood eye magic

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Hollywood eye magic is a serum, which is applied under the eye. Application takes no more than 30 seconds and results begin to show within minutes. The serum contains:

  • Sage – To improve circulation
  • Cucumber and lemon – To reduce under-eye swelling by cooling and constricting the blood vessels. Lemon restores natural glow and skin tone.
  • Calendula – antiseptic and soothing
  • Lavender – Diminishes discolouration
  • Willow bark – Moisturises, anti-inflammatory and healing.

The trick with this product is definitely in the application. If too much is applied a light film may occur giving a cakey appearance. To avoid that and get the best results simply follow these 3 simple steps.

  1. Shake the bottle and ensure the under-eye area is clean. Use your cleanser with a cotton pad to cleanse under the eye thoroughly and accurately
  2. Ensure the skin is dry.
  3. Apply the treatment with a clean finger and massage in a circular motion, sweeping back and forth for a few seconds in a slightly firm fashion and leave a tad moist. If excess product leaves a residue at the edge, simply take a tip and gently dab the edges with water. If puffiness is very severe then a second application may be necessary

Treatment can be applied every day and because it carries a cumulative effect the results get better. Results last for 10 -12 hrs. Rest assured the serum works by tucking so it won’t puff the face at all.

Size - 15ml.