ZO Skin Health Daily Skincare Program

The first line of defense against fine lines and wrinkles is to keep skin hydrated and protected from damaging sun exposure. It starts with a basic skincare programme that uses high levels of high-performance ingredients to aid in the fight against the natural ageing process. The Daily Skincare Program is an everyday skincare essential to help strengthen and maintain healthy-looking skin. It is specifically targeted to:

  • Help preserve and maintain a youthful-looking complexion
  • Help prevent future damage by protecting skin from the sun
  • Improve and maintain the appearance of even skin tone and finer pores
  • Keep skin hydrated

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The Daily Skincare Programme consists of four ZO products and should be applied as follows:

Exfoliating Cleanser

Use the Exfoliating Cleanser in the morning and evening by moistening hands, face and neck, apply a small amount of product to the skin, gently massage cleanser into skin and rinse off thoroughly. This gentle exfoliating cleanser clears away surface oil and impurities without leaving skin feeling stripped or dry. Micro-beads exfoliate to unclog pores, while Vitamin E provides antioxidant properties.

ZO Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating Polish 

Use the Exfoliating Polish Exfoliating twice a week in the morning or evening. Dampen face and  neck with lukewarm water and apply some polish. Gently massage exfoliator into the skin in a circular motion, adding water as necessary, then rinse thoroughly. Magnesium crystals exfoliate dead skin cells to instantly create a clear, smooth, soft and even toned complexion.

ZO Exfoliating Polish

Complexion Renewal Pads

Every morning and evening gently wipe a Complexion Renewal Pad over entire face and neck without rinsing off afterwards. The Complexion Renewal Pads are moistened pads that help minimise surface oil and exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells and dirt to renew and tone skin.

ZO Complexion Renewal Pads

Daily Power Defense

Each morning you should apply two or three pumps of the Daily Power Defense to entire face and neck, massaging into skin to improve absorption and penetration into the skin. Designed to diminish line and wrinkles and to address future damage, this powerful antioxidant serum supports the skin’s natural DNA repair process + helps restore barrier function and skin health.

ZO Daily Power Defence

ZO Daily Skincare Program is designed to be a complete daily skincare regimen however, you are able to use in conjunction with other ZO products in the ZO Health Line.

For any further enquiries or to purchase contact us on 0161 425 9600 or email orders@neo-derm.co.uk